Installing DESPOTIC

DESPOTIC is distributed in two ways.

Installing from git

The full source distribution, including example Python programs using it and sample cloud descriptor files, is available from bitbucket, and can be obtained via git by doing:

git clone

The package can then be installed by doing:

python install

in the despotic directory. You may need to preface this with sudo if you want to install in a way that is accessible for all users on the system.

Installing from pip

DESPOTIC is also available through the python package index. If you have pip installed, you can just type:

pip install despotic

As with the setup via git, you may need to preface this with sudo to install globally.

Setting Up the Environment

DESPOTIC creates a local cache of atomic and molecular data files. You can specify the location of this cache by setting the $DESPOTIC_HOME environment variable; the data cache will be created in $DESPOTIC_HOME/LAMDA If you are using a bash-like shell, the syntax to set the location of $DESPOTIC_HOME is:

export DESPOTIC_HOME = /path/to/despotic

while for a csh-like shell, it is:

setenv DESPOTIC_HOME /path/to/despotic

If $DESPOTIC_HOME is not set, then DESPOTIC will attempt to create the cache in the directory from which it is run.

Requirements and Dependencies

DESPOTIC requires

  • scipy >= 0.11.0
  • cython >= 0.20.x
  • matplotlib >= 1.3.x

Installing the despotic.winds Module

The despotic.winds module (see Winds) is written in C++, and makes use of the GNU scientific library. Users who wish to make use of this package will need to compile the C++ portions of the software. This process should be automatic for users who have an installed C++ compiler and standard build tools (make), and who have the GSL headers and library installed in their CXX_INCLUDE_PATH and LIBRARY_PATH, respectively.

If this does not work, users should be able to build the required C++ library by changing into the despotic/winds directory and doing make. Users can edit the Makefile in despotic/winds as necessary to tailor the build for their environment.

The winds module is not required for the operation of the rest of the code, so users who are not planning to make use of this capability can safely ignore it.