DESPOTIC was primarily written by Mark Krumholz, but it contains or relies on the contributions of a number of others.

  • Desika Narayanan has done more than anyone else to field test the code and discover bugs.
  • DESPOTIC grew out of a code initially written in collaboration with Todd Thompson
  • Adam Ginsburg provided useful advice and aided in early testing.
  • Floris van der Tak has assisted in field testing the code, and helped improve the quality of the documentation.
  • DESPOTIC would not be possible without the Leiden Atomic and Molecular Database, which is maintained by Floris van der Tak, Ewine van Dishoeck, and John Black, and which was initially established by Feredic Schöier

Mark Krumholz’s work writing DESPOTIC was funded in part by the US National Science Foundation (grant AST-0955300) and NASA (grant NNX09AK31G). Continued development is supported by the Australian Research Council (grant DP160100695).